Phuket's Weather October 2012

Live from the middle of the sea!
Daily Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket.
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30/10/2012 09:44:05

29/10/2012 10:19:43 Windy morning.

28/10/2012 09:29:57

27/10/2012 10:20:23

26/10/2012 09:59:20

25/10/2012 11:09:40

24/10/2012 09:42:34

23/10/2012 09:59:07

22/10/2012 10:27:54

                                    21/10/2012 09:52:38                              21/10/2012 16:45:13
A beautiful sunny morning until the rain came around 15.00pm

20/10/2012 09:29:56

19/10/2012 09:37:53

18/10/2012 09:27:31
Sunny start, in fact sunny all day in Rawai but looked like some heavy rain hit Phuket Town.
Strong NE wind from early afternoon. Cold! (Relatively speaking)

17/10/2012 09:32:29

Bon Island, Phuket
16/10/2012 12:28:47
Grey start to the day, thunder storm and rain in some parts of Phuket, but Bon Island remained sunny. 

Phuket's weather
15/10/2012 11:23:54
A non-weather day. No rain, no sun.

Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket
14/10/2012 09:26:13
Tomorrow is 15th day of 10th Thai lunar month. The local people will be off to the temple early in the morning as this is the day for paying respects to their ancestors who's spirits are believed to return to earth. Similar to other festivals all over the world including the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.

Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket
13/10/2012 10:05:31
The beginning of the movement of sand caused by the change of wind from SW to NE which also marks the change in seasons from monsoon season to 'high season'. The wind hasn't changed completely yet - but occasionally changes direction.

Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket
12/10/2012 09:32:12

Phuket's weather
11/10/2012 09:43:25

Phuket's weather
09/10/2012 09:47:32

Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket
08/10/2012 09:38:19

Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, PhuketWeather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket
 Before lunch  07/10/2012 09:34:30      After lunch! 07/10/2012 16:04:01 

Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket
06/10/2012 09:38:21
Tropical Storm Gaemi is due to hit Vietnam tonight.

Rainy season in Phuket
05/10/2012 12:36:20

Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket
04/10/2012 09:33:10

Phuket's Weather 3rd October 2012
03/10/2012 10:08:52

Phuket's Weather 2nd October 2012
02/10/2012 09:58:20

Phuket's Weather 1st October 2012
01/10/2012 10:12:03

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