Rawai's Weather August 2011

Live from the middle of the sea!

Daily Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket.

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30th August 2011 09.28am
The sun has come back again!

 28th August 2011 10.05am
After a very heavy rain storm brought strong winds, waves were large - 
difficult to believe that only an hour or so later, people were happily swimming and enjoying a stroll on the beach! 

28th August 2011 09.14am
A major rain storm warned of what was to come!

26th August 2011 15.45am

26th August 2011 11.35am
A major storm passed through at noon and then within one hour everything returned to normal again!

25th August 2011 10.21am 
Rain all night and all day, flooding in several parts of Phuket. 

24th August 2011 9.45am
A grey start to the day but it got better later!

 23rd August 2011 8.55am - Tranquility

 23rd August 2011 9am - Great day for the beach!

23rd August 2011 11.55am - Watching the rain (in the sun)

22th August 2011 10.16am
Hard to believe that, after such threatening skies, there was only some light drizzle and not a heavy downpour! 

20th August 2011
A soft NE wind, light cloud and hot sun - felt just like January!

20th August 2011
By 12.35 the storm had come to Rawai and rain was already falling along the coast!
At Bon Island there was still not a drop of rain!

20th August 2011
The storm was threatening to come to Rawai!

20th August 2011
A tropical thunderstorm was getting closer to Rawai and rain was already falling in Chalong!

20th August 2011 
At Bon Island the tourists were enjoying taking photos and needed an umbrella as protection from the sun,
not a drop of rain was to fall on the island!

18th August 2011
The weather was perfect! Calm sea and hot sun,
just like the 'high' season!!!!

17th August 2011 Great clouds!
These clouds caused some major thunder,
followed by a rainstorm at about 11am, then everything got
hot and sunny again!

 16th August 2011

15th August 2011 Things were looking a lot better today! 
For those of you staying at Patong Kata or Karon please note that the sea is a lot calmer at Rawai Beach!

14th August 2011 10am A touch of English weather!
However by lunchtime it was sunny again
and a lot warmer then England!

14th August 2011 12am

13th August 2011 9am

12th August 2011
Low tide leaves the tourist boats stranded until the water returns.

11th August 2011
While rain falls in Chalong, sun shines at Lone Island!

 11th August 2011

11th August 2011

11th August 2011

 8th August 2011 

 3rd August 2011

Phuket's Weather July 2011

A Sad Day for Rawai Beach

Heavy rain and strong wind at around noon today were probably the last factor to bring down one of the old pine trees that line Rawai's beach front, and are a symbol of Rawai Beach to both locals and tourists alike. To see more photos visit Rawai's blog.

Rain causes chaos in Phuket

 24 hours of heavy rain caused flooding in various parts of Phuket, delayed flights and caused one death from electrocution. See story on Phuketwan.

Traffic came to a standstill, some roads were temporarily closed until the water subsided, thanks to help clearing blocked drains by the police and local council.

 In Kathu a landslide caused a house to slip down a hillside, over a small retaining wall and onto a laundry below see photo at Phuket Gazette.