Rawai's Weather October 2011

Live from the middle of the sea!

Daily Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket.

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31th October 2011 15.11pm
The last three days have been the same- brilliant sunny mornings then at the time the sea turns 
from high to low tide comes a major gush of wind accompanied by a short but heavy rainstorm, 
then everything returns to normal just like nothing ever happened!

30th October 2011 11.12am

29th October 2011 11.58am
After a beautiful start to the morning I wasn't expecting this! 
Strong wind pushed the rainstorm through in about 20 minutes and 
then we were back to normal enjoying the sun on the beach!

28th October 2011 09.41am

 27th October 2011 14.57pm
The weather was sunny with some cloud today. 
Low water was late afternoon and that is a perfect time for 
exploring the rock pools to catch a glimpse of local marine life.

27th October 2011 09.43am

26th October 2011 
The influence of the NE wind, changes the wave pattern so that the beach will move from East to West. Today, at Bon Island, saw the first signs of the shift which will take a month or so to move as much as 2 meters in depth of sand to the other end of the beach. For a more detailed photo blog on this story visit my December 2009 post 'What's happened to the beach?'

24th October 2011 18.03pm
Looking towards Rawai from Kao Khad, a great place to watch the sunset!

24th October 2011 16.20pm
Strong NE wind in the morning, but almost no breeze by the late afternoon.

 23rd October 2011 16.22pm

23rd October 2011 09.45am
I just love the cloud formations we're getting these last few days!
Blue sky and cool NE breeze - ah perfect!

 22nd October 2011 09.52am
Fishing for squid at Bon Island was a little harder than yesterday 
as today the wind was stronger causing small waves.  

22nd October 2011 18.22pm
Sunset at Nai Harn Beach was still nice despite the cloud!

21st October 2011 09.58am
21st October 2011  16.27pm  Time to go!
21st October 2011  17.48pm
21st October 2011  17.57pm  Driving was almost impossible!
Mixed weather today, started off sunny, but the sky looked heavy most of the day and by late afternoon the wind had moved from NE to SW and storm clouds were covering most of Phuket (except Rawai which was still sunny!) As the sunset, an electic storm sent large flashes of lightening down over Rawai accompanied by a major rain storm. Locals and tourists alike raced for shelter from the downpour but around 30 minutes later the rain had stopped and everything returned to normal as if nothing had happened at all!

20th October 09.44am
Beautiful sky, beautiful Phuket!

18th October 2011 11.16am Hot and Sunny!
The NE wind, a bit stronger than yesterday, was nice and refreshing. Perfect for a day on the beach!
(But in Bangkok they are fighting the threat of floods, further north they have been under water for almost 2 months in some places.)

17th October 2011
The wind has shifted to NE and signals the start of a new season!
The 'High Season'

16th October 2011
Locals go to Koh Kaew Temple to make offerings (Tord Gratin)
ทอดกฐิน เกาะแก้ว

15th October 2011
Great weather for a spot of game fishing!

14th October 2011
As the Central region of Thailand remains flooded, Phuket enjoys some really great weather!

13th October 2011
Great weather for a day on the beach!

11th October 2011 14.45pm

9th October 2011 16.47pm
Low tide leaves fishing boats grounded until the water returns.

8th October 2011
Even the rainy season can be fun on the beach!

7th October 2011 10.06am
The sun was back in all it's glory!

6th October 2011 
The sun was back again but there were still some rain showers.

5th October 2011 Flooding in Chalong
It rained all day!
(Thanks to Phuket Coconut Paradise Villas for the above photo)

3rd and 4th October - Rain, rain, rain!

2nd October 2011 09.41am
The waves are still quite strong, sunny during the day in Rawai,
but in town and Kathu area still some rain.

1st October 2011 09.09am
October starts with grey clouds and tropical storms approaching.
Today the sun was still shining though!

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