Rawai's Weather November 2011

Live from the middle of the sea!

Daily Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket.

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28th November 2011. 13.45pm
Great clouds, great weather!

28th November 2011. 17.00pm
Low tide at Rawai - great fun to explore!

27th November 2011  09.16am
Perfect weather for a boat trip!

26th November 2011  09.48am
The weather seems to be getting back to normal!

25th November 2011
A crazy weather day today!
Sunny but windy start to the day, a threat of rain around lunchtime, then back to beautiful sunshine!
But then things changed dramatically, 
A strong wind blew up quickly creating large waves and light rain.
Local longtail and speed boat drivers rushed to check their anchors and tourists 
ran for shelter from the mini sand storm taking place on the beach. 
One boat had engine trouble and was towed into Bon Island by a passing speed boat. 
The passengers waded ashore while the captain pulled the boat in to safety. 
However out of the chaos a beautiful rainbow appeared, arching out of the sea and over Lone Island, 
and seemed to soften the drama of the afternoon. 
As the wind dropped, the boats headed back to shore and everyone arrived safely!

24th November 2011
The strong wind that has been felt on the East coast of Phuket is related to the bad weather 
on the East Coast of Thailand which has hit quite badly.
Reports of 5m waves in certain areas bringing down lines of Coconut Trees  and along the coast there are reports of damage to beach-side housing and restaurants. 
One area badly hit is Laem Talumphuk, in the Nakorn Sri Thammarat province,
made famous almost 50 years ago for the damage it received during Tropical Storm Harriet. 
Read more at my earlier post: 

23rd November 2011
Last night's wind got me thinking about Typhoon Gay (November 4th 1989)
Today was sunny but the wind remained strong along the East Coast of Phuket, 
the West Coast however was calm.

23rd November 2011 16.52pm. 

The weather was great all day, but as the afternoon went by the wind got stronger and by around 9pm strong wind and large waves had already sunk a couple of longtail boats moored along Rawai Beach.

 22nd November 2011  09.37am
On arrival at Bon Island couldn't help thinking what a shame it was
 that yesterday's wedding hadn't been held today! 
The weather was just perfect again!

21st November 2011  16.46pm
Strong NE wind all day, a brief rainstorm at around 17.00pm that almost put the end
 to a wedding ceremony being held at Bon Island. All was OK in the end though!

20th November 2011  09.46am
Fairly strong breeze - hot and sunny

19th November 2011  17.31pm
Another perfect day comes to an end!

18th November 2011  16.17pm
Another hot day!

17th November 2011  12.07pm

16th November 2011  11.37am
Another perfect day on the beach!

14th November 2011  15.35pm
Despite the clouds the rain stayed away.

13th November 2011  17.05pm
It was a really hot afternoon, a typical sign that rain was coming.
And when it rains it pours! 
By 21.00pm the tropical thunder storm had arrived.

12th November 2011  16.11pm
Leaving my 'office'!

10th November  10.32am
Bon Island couldn't look better!

10th November  09.47am
Over the North end of Rawai Beach were a stretch of fluffy clouds 
but to the South end there was not a cloud in the sky!

 9th November 2011  09.56am 
Hot and sunny and I just love those clouds!
But Phuket is a strange place - it can be sunny and raining at the same time! 
Don't believe me? 
Just take a closer look at the photo below and you will see the rain spots on that sun-baked concrete!
9th November 2011  12.47pm 

 8th November  10.27am
It's hard to believe that just one hour before it was a really hot sunny day!
And harder to believe that 30 minutes later the sun was back again!
8th November 09.25am

 6th November 2011 12.24pm
When it rains, it pours!

5th November 2011 09.37am

 4th November 2011 09.29am
Hot and sunny!
 4th November 2011 17.35pm
A great end to another perfect day!
4th November 2011 18.15pm
The heavens opened!
Then the traffic got bad too!

3rd November 2011 11.02am
The sea looked so beautiful today!

 2nd November 2011 10.07am
2nd November 2011 16.58pm
Leaving Bon Island, rain was threatening from the NE 
and by the time I reached Chalong a major rain storm had already arrived!

1st November 2011
Great weather all day - no rain showers today!
The strong waves over the last 6 days have moved a lot of sand leaving rocks exposed. You can see the photo from October 26th on Rawai Boat Cam October 2011 and the link to the full story there too.

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