Rawai's Weather September 2011

Live from the middle of the sea!

Daily Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket.

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30th September 2011 16.00pm Naka Temple nr Phuket Town
The weather is holding out for the Vegetarian Festival, thankfully!

 29th September 2011 09.09am
The sun is back again!

29th September 2011 08.51am

28th September 2011 10.20am
As a typhoon slashes the Philippines, Phuket gets it's share of the rain.

25th September 2011 16.40pm

25th September 2011 10.26am
Koh Mun, nr Ya Nui and Nai Harn

 24th September 2011 16.09pm

24th September 2011 15.20pm

23rd September 2011 10.28am

 22nd September 2011 17.14pm Laem Ka
Great weather today!

22nd September 2011 17.12pm Laem Ka

 21st September 2011 14.23pm
Lone Island had completely disappeared from site! The rain missed Bon Island completely!

21st September 2011 14.17pm
The rain was pouring down in Rawai but at Bon Island people were still taking photos on the beach!

 19th September 2011. 14.14pm
Floods were already starting to develop in Chalong.

19th September 2011. 14.14pm
The rain had arrived!

19th September 2011. 13.33pm
Tourists and restaurant staff hurry to leave Bon Island before the storm arrived.

 18th September 2011. 10.31pm
In this race the rain won!

18th September 2011. 10.31pm
Amazing clouds again.

17th September 2011. 10.29pm
Our boat captain likes to get into the photo too!

16th September 2011. 12.32pm
The weather was great again today, even if the morning looked grey and cloudy. 
By lunchtime the sun was shining, light breeze, small waves. Perfect!

16th September 2011. 12.32pm
The trees at Bon Island have gone into Autumn mode, 
and are keeping everybody busy with sweeping them up!

15th September 2011. 11.53am
After such a grey start it was surprising how sunny it got.

15th September 2011. 09.40am

14th September 2011. 10.23am
A grey morning, nor rain, a few rays of sun and that's the way it stayed all day.
Boring weather in my opinion!

10th September 2011. 09.54am
A wet and windy start that turned unto sunny but windy day. 
Fairly big waves that will apparently get larger tomorrow and Monday

 9th September 2011. 10.05am
The sky looked like it had a hole in it, but by the time we reached Bon island just 10 minutes later the weather was absolutely perfect!

9th September 2011. 10.15am

8th September 2011. 10.05am
Perfect weather for a boat trip!

5th September 2011. 10.07am 
Tourist boat captains kill time with a bit of squid fishing!

3rd September 2011 16.00pm
Despite a sunny start to the day, things didn't look so good by late afternoon and I heard reports of 
rain in some regions of Phuket even though Rawai remained dry.

 2nd September 2011 16.00pm 
Low tide and a broken engine. The only way in is on foot! 

1st September 2011 9.54am
After a few days of rain the local fishermen are back out to sea.

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