Phuket's Weather March 2012

Live from the middle of the sea!

Daily Weather Photos from Rawai Beach, Phuket.

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31/03/2012 17:03:26
A beautiful end to a beautiful month!
(Bon Island)

30/03/2012 10:02:08

29/03/2012 10:29:47
Nothing like hot beer!

 28/03/2012 10:01:57

26/03/2012 10:12:00
A sunny start to a very hot day that ended very wet!
26/03/2012 17:54:36
Phuket Town

25/03/2012 10:21:02

24/03/2012 05:55:56
The Lighthouse. Laem Promthep Phuket.

23/03/2012 10:11:00

22/03/2012 10:06:26

21/03/2012 17:03:09

20/03/2012 10:02:39

19/03/2012 09:59:38
A race to get to work before the cloud caught up with us.

19/03/2012 10:13:23
Still sunny at Bon Island even if it was raining in Rawai!

19/03/2012 10:15:56
The rain had gone into town.

19/03/2012 11:00:41
We didn't get a single drop of rain at Bon Island! Amazing really!

18/03/2012 09:38:03

17/03/2012 09:51:34

16/03/2012 10:41:57
Arriving at Bon Island

15/03/2012 10:08:42

14/03/2012 10:06:31

13/03/2012 10:03:13
The wind was a lot calmer today. Hot!

12/03/2012 10:56:43
Strong waves last night brought the end of yet another one of Rawai's pine trees.

 11/03/2012 09:23:33
Windy morning but calmer in the afternoon.

10/03/2012 11:47:31
The sun is back in Phuket again!

09/03/2012 11:21:43
The sun was trying hard!

08/03/2012 10:08:35
The rainy season is back in Phuket (well for today anyway!)

07/03/2012 12:06:36
Lunch with a view - Bon Island

07/03/2012 17:08:32
A hole in the sky?

06/03/2012 09:55:08
Another perfect day for a boat trip!

 06/03/2012 17:14:15

06/03/2012 17:13:18
This seems to be the daily weather pattern this month - sunny mornings and rainy evenings.

05/03/2012 09:51:34
It was a surprise to see such beautiful weather today after last night's rain, but that's the way it is in Phuket!  

 05/03/2012 09:53:24
Perfect day for a boat trip around some of Phuket's off shore islands.

05/03/2012 16:46:29
The rain clouds rolled in again to wash the sky ready for a perfect hot sunny day in Phuket tomorrow!

04/03/2012 09:33:23
Local life gets back to normal after a heavy downpour this morning, hard to believe that the weather in Bon Island and Rawai stayed sunny when the rest of Phuket looked overcast with isolated rain showers.

04/03/2012 10:45:33
Bon Island - Great weather for a day on the beach! We were sitting in the sun watching the clouds pass over the sea south of Laem Promthep when we saw a waterspout, I took a photo but it was too far away to be seen in the shot. (It was under the cumulus cloud above the left hand longtail boat in the image below.)

04/03/2012 12:52:59

 03/03/2012 09:48:37
Undecided weather that finally chose to be sunny all day and start to threaten rain mid afternoon.
It seems that at the moment the mornings bring NE wind that swings to SW mid afternoon - a warning that the rainy season is coming soon maybe!

03/03/2012 17:26:31
The rain was soon to follow!

 02/03/2012 09:49:57
A nice start to the day, but a stormy ending!

02/03/2012 17:22:20
About 15 minutes later the rain arrived.

01/03/2012 09:44:00

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