Typhoon Mangkhut

By now we've all seen the damage caused in the Philippines and China including the horrifying footage from Hong Kong.

Here in Phuket we were lucky to only get the side effects for a day or two. Nothing serious!

If you are wondering how things are weather-wise here at the moment then I recommend taking a look at these daily timelapse VDOs from Patong.

Sawadee Cam: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEk_JpkbmfgVkKuE0Of9KA

Trucks and Tsunamis

Just before I woke up today I had a strange dream. All I remember is a truck had lost its load and there was piles of twisted metal lying along the roadside. As I stood looking at it with someone a smaller truck suddenly rolled backwards and slipped off the road through some small bushes taking a parked motorbike with it as it slipped down and disappeared in to what was either a ditch or river or valley. At that point I woke up.

Later driving to work I heard that the Sumatra earthquake for which I had received an email alert for and had seen online at breakfast time had actually been felt by people in Phuket among other places. Luckily no tsunami had occurred. It was then that it suddenly occurred to me, my dream had presumably been triggered by the quake and had been a kind of subconscious tsunami or earthquake warning but, as the shaking had stopped, I was unaware that the tremors had reached Phuket and had no reason to be aware of the warning.

I never felt the 2004 earthquake as I had been outside in an open space at the time and the first earthquake I experienced here in Phuket, when a small quake hit Koh Yao, had woken me up but I had, in my blurry state, thought it was a truck driving past my house. The second time an earthquake hit I didn't put it down to passing trucks but grabbed my phone and checked Twitter!

Now I know that the next time I dream about trucks or piles of twisted metal it may be better to wake up and head for the hills!!

Amazing what the brain can do

What's the weather like in September?

One question that all of us Phuket bloggers and travel websites face regularly is ............................

 'What's the weather like in the rainy season? 

It's an impossible question to answer because not every year is the same and it's more a question of luck or something to be decided by the gods! We've had quite a few lucky days this year!

All said the rainy season can sometimes be better than the 'High Season' or what we could call the 'Sunny Season'. Certainly it makes sense to come to Phuket during the rainy season when things are less busy, beaches are empty and prices of hotels drop by up to 50%, but I hear you asking me

'What about the rain?' 

Take a look at my Rawai Boat Cam page to see photos from different months of the year to get some answers.

2015 seems to have been a very dry rainy season compared to some I can remember but the thing that most people don't realise is that during the rainy season it doesn't rain all day or every day and you could have monsoon rain in one part of Phuket and hot sun in another. So basically if it's raining try heading to a different part of Phuket and if the waves are large on the west coast head east or take an island trip where you will find a much calmer sea safe for swimming.

While you're sitting in the hotel watching the rain others could be having fun on the beach!

Of course occasionally we get a tropical storm come through and that means serious weather!

What's the weather like in September? - Who knows!