Bangkok Floods and Food

Floods and Food  - only the 'L' makes them different!

As flood water rushes in,  food supplies rush out...........

Due to the vast area that the flood water covers now, transportation is difficult if not impossible. Trains to the South cannot run from Bangkok and so have to be boarded further south, Don Muang Airport is closed but luckily Suwannaphum is still dry. With such a situation food deliveries to the other parts of Thailand are suffering and a trip to department stores and wholesale outlets in Phuket already shows signs of what could be panic buying as locals rush to get backup stock of essentials such as cooking oil, sugar and rice.

Makro, Phuket 28th October 2011

What used to be full shelves of stock now lie empty after hotels, restaurants and local people make sure of stocking up before the situation gets any worse. Bottled drinking water is in short supply as millions of litres have been donated to flood victims accompanied by a shortage of plastic bottles to hold the water.

We don't need to worry! We shouldn't panic! All that just makes things worse, if everyone stayed calm there may not be a shortage at all, that's the irony of the whole matter.

As the Thai Government starts to contact neighbouring countries such as Malaysia to import basic food supplies such as instant noodles and bottled water (both popular donation articles) things should ease. Here in Phuket we have no trouble in obtaining supplies by air from other non-flood hit areas of Thailand and if necessary import from Malaysia or Singapore. 

So don't panic! 

See you with an update after I have been shopping......... 

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