This month Phuket has had it's fair share of landslides. Several businesses along the by-pass road have had to evacuate and stay closed for several days already. One lane of the by-pass is closed to cars as a large crack  has appeared in the built up section of the road, and I certainly didn't want to drive over that!
See the story in Phuket Gazette

Taking a drive from the place where I fill up my gas tanks in Koh Kaew (near Boat Lagoon), down Tanon Kathu-Na Koh past the British International School is a drive I don't like to do when there is very heavy rain. The risk of a land slide is high and there are no side roads to make an 'escape'. Today the reservoir in front of the college was already flooding its banks but the road was still ok. However it was a surprise to see the Tin Mining Museum, the false mountain side they had constructed by the lake in front of the museum had completely collapsed!

 Sorry for the rather distant photo!

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