October Showers

A really wet start to the day, which was unfortunate for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. as today was one of the most important processions, Jui Dtui Shrine's procession around Phuket Town. Starting around 7am. The rain stopped and started again and did so repeatedly for the whole morning, but that didn't stop local people and tourists lining the streets to pay their respects to the Emperor Gods.

As the parade passed thought the old part of town I couldn't help noticing just how deep and fast the water was running in Bang Yai, the main canal that cuts through the center of town. Luckily the water will run back out to sea, but seeing it like that worried me a little.

The rain held back for an hour or so, but as the last few deities returned to the Jui Dtui Shrine the heavens opened and the rain poured down again. The best thing to do was to find a local Vegetarian Restaurant and let the rain  and traffic pass before heading home.

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