Watch the Hermit Crabs!

One of the things I like about being in Phuket is that I have had the opportunity to be close to nature and have time to observe the way things happen and what we can learn from it.

Phuket has been hit by some bad weather to mark the beginning of the monsoon season, but despite all, the sun still manages to sneak out and warm up our mornings. Today was no exception.

The waves have been strong and full water has been doing damage along the coastlines, yesterday in Krabi around 60 longtail boats capsized due to big waves, today at Bon Island the waves swelled right up over the roots of the Pandanus pines leaving no dry beach for the tourists (including Mickey Mouse!) and also no shelter for the Hermit Crabs.

Back in 2004 during the Tsunami I remember the Hermit Crabs running into the restaurant to escape from the water, today I was reminded of this when, due to the big waves and full tide, the hermit crabs had evacuated the beach and climbed 2 meters up one of the restaurant posts! It unnerved me a bit! Then turning around I saw they had climbed up a coconut tree too and found shelter in a hole in the bark. 

They stayed there for several hours until the water eventually subsided and life continued as normal.

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