Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear go recycling!

Having read the story of "Ultraman and his friend's go to the beach" Mickey and Pooh decided to go and give them a helping hand.

It was incredibly hard work, but it was worth the effort, especially when they saw just how many bottles they had collected.

Pooh decided to take a sleep on a beach chair before carrying on collecting the plastic and wood that still covered the beach. A cool breeze was blowing and within seconds he was fast asleep, snoring with his mouth wide open!

Mickey was far too excited to sleep and decided to take a few photos as, despite all the rubbish, it was still a really beautiful place.

Just when they were really getting to grips with the rubbish a strong gust of wind blew in followed by a major rainstorm. The Meteorological Department had been forecasting a storm for several days and it had obviously arrived! Things not looking good, so the team decided it would be safest to head home before things got worse. Sad really because in the morning the weather was beautiful.

When they got back ashore and checked their emails they discovered that news had just broken of  around 40 to 60 boats being flipped over by big waves at Ao Nam Mao Beach in Krabi and stranded tourists had to be rescued from Koh Hong. 

Big black clouds raced across the sky and big drops of rain fell stinging their faces....although they were glad to be home, they were still determined to carry on with their mission to return the beach to it's former glory.

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