Ultraman and friends go to the beach

 The tide was on it's way down as Ultraman and his friends arrived at the beach. Having planned on a great day out, sunbathing, snorkelling a few cold beers...

they were astounded at what was waiting for them!

The monsoon season had officially started and heavy waves over the last few days had made their mark. 

Rubbish was everywhere!

Devastated by what they saw, they took a closer look to see just what had washed up on the beach. Inevitably there were loads of shoes - as usual it was mostly left shoes as most people will step on to boats with their right foot first and their left shoe falls into the sea and disappears forever. A lot of glass M150  bottles (and Red Bull too) which had probably been thrown overboard by local fishermen, luckily the bottles hadn't broken on the rocks. Lots of wood, string and of course just about everything plastic you can think of, toothbrushes, lids, cups, bottles, soap dishes, bags, toys, straws etc etc. 

It really was a terrible sight!

Feeling disheartened by what they saw they sat down for a game of draughts - nature versus rubbish. The draughts board had also been washed up on the beach and so they began, not sure which side would win, but seriously worried that it could be nature that would lose. 

The game was quickly abandoned as there really was too much work to do, and they started piece by piece collecting what they could for recycle. The sun scorched their backs as they worked away, sweat trickled into their eyes and, determined as they were, it was all too much to get done in a few hours. They filled bags and bags with plastics, and when the bags ran out they filled bins and boxes.

The day on the beach ended but the story continues, not just on this beach but every beach all over the world, and not just on the beach but floating in the sea, backwards and forwards until eventually maybe someone will realise before it is too late.

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