Evacuation at Bon Island!

The weather in Phuket was just amazing today, clear blue skies and soft winds but the sea was even higher than yesterday. At Bon Island the sea came right up on to the shore and even in to the restaurant.

As the water got higher and higher I looked at the coconut tree that the hermit crabs had climbed yesterday (see previous post) and noticed that the crabs weren't there. Then I realised that the tree was too close to the water for safety and the little crabs had started to walk up into the restaurant. They were all sizes, from tiny, tiny ones to big ones, all marching along in a line. Some had climbed the railings others had found a hiding place between table legs or chair legs. 

Then I spotted something special!

One of the big crabs was giving a smaller crab a piggy back ride. The smaller crab slipped at one point and the large crab stopped and seemed to help it back on. Incredible! Of course it may have not been as it looks and the smaller crab had probably hitched an unwanted ride, 


As soon as the water started to go down, the crabs marched back out of the restaurant, once again I noticed a small crab following closely behind a big crab, the way a child would follow an adult, unsure if it was safe to venture back out.

Evacuation over, I put down my camera and got back to eating lunch!
27 May 2013

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