A Freak Storm

In March 2009 on what seemed to be a beautiful calm day, we arrived at Bon Island to find, much to our surprise and dismay, a 'state of emergency'. During the previous night, a freak wind, probably a small cyclone, had torn across the island flattening two huts and spreading tables and chairs across from the north beach to the west beach. Luckily we were in the process of repairing our roof and had already removed the old roof so no damage was done to the restaurant building.

Somewhere in the region of 14 tables had been damaged, dining chairs had been blown across onto the beach and we were unsure as to how many had been washed away by the sea. The thing that amazed me most was that the wind had pulled a chair up into the roots of one of the Pandanus Pine trees, in a position that even I would have trouble organising.

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