Phuket's High Season approaches!

As Phuket enters the 'High Season' the weather seems to be lagging behind. Last year the monsoon season's south-westerly wind changed to the dry season's north-easterly wind much earlier. However today brought us some hope with the first signs of some change.

Today was the first day in about six months that we could moor our boat on the west beach at Bon Island, the monsoon waves being too large for a safe mooring. By late afternoon the sea was really calm, the sunlight shimmering on the surface looked beautiful and added to the feeling of tranquillity.

However by the time we left for the mainland a heavy bank of cloud was approaching and the rain was falling in no time. Back in Kathu the Vegetarian Festival lanterns, still hanging even though the festival ended two days ago, added a bit of colour to the otherwise grey surroundings.

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